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Our Technology

Omnisol’s innovative data management platform combines ideas and algorithms from a wide range of areas, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web standards, Graph and Relational Databases, Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

Omnisol highly-customizable, ontology-driven platform, allows the user unprecedented flexibility in adjusting the system to his needs.

Based on the core platform, Omnisol develops a set of software tools that span the entire lifecycle of the research, including in-depth literature survey, experiment automation, knowledge extraction, lab management, and more.

Omnisol's Technology Main Flow

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic and Highly Configurable

  • Quick Implementation

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Web Interface

  • Scalable

  • Cost-Effective

Key Features

Automatic Data Acquisition

Real-time Data Validation

Data Fusion

Conflict Resolution

Import / Export Capabilities


User Permissions


Audit Trail

Automatic Backups


Data Sharing

Data Visualization


Customized Reports

Integration with MATLAB, Octave, Python


Presenting at "Info 2017"

Omnisol's innovative approach for advanced investigations carried out by information specialists was presented in "Info 2017", the 32nd annual conference and exhibition for the information community in Israel.

Ontologies & Data Fusion -

Advanced Tools for the Information Specialist

One Superhero vs. Team of Heroes -

Professionalization, decentralization and cooperation in investigative information science

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