Advanced Data Management

for Lab Experiments

General description


Omnisol’s data management system for lab experiments is a generic, fully customizable platform for generating insights from scientific experiments.


With its dynamic ontology, automatic data acquisition from multiple measurement devices, powerful search capabilities and integration with external analysis tools, our platform can easily be customized to manage data from any kind of experiment. For high-throughput experiments, the system can automatically run millions of correlations to reveal hidden relations in the data.

The Challenge


Scientific experiments often generate large and complex data sets. These data sets need to be organized, stored, analyzed and investigated in order to provide valuable insights into the underlying science.


Lack of standards in describing scientific experiments means that the related data management requirements are as diverse as the experiments themselves. Hence, it is of no surprise that data management software for scientific experiments is sparse.


With no dedicated software for managing their experiments, researchers often resort to saving raw data generated by measurement instruments onto lab PCs, and manually documenting other aspects of the experiment, most notably analysis results, in a notebook of sorts (either paper or electronic).

Key Benefits

Key Features

“Insightful is fast becoming a significant game changer in the way we manage and document many terabytes of real world data collected over many years.


The system provides end-users with unprecedented ease of access to the data they need, allowing them to focus on performing the analyses they are interested in without needing to painstakingly collect and track down the data first.


The Omnisol team continue to be instrumental in assisting us with the integration of Insightful all across the board - from purely technical aspects right up to high-level abstract modelling of our business logic.” 

Chief Analyst, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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