Socrates Research Engine

A market intelligence platform allowing organizations to explore their ecosystem and make better decisions in real-time

Intelligent Profiles

A game-changing solution that automatically updates the researcher's profile with the latest relevant academic publications.

Clinical Trial Management System 

Reduces significantly the time spent on implementation, setup and management, while ensuring validated data collection, effortless integration and high availability.

Data Management for Lab Experiments

A generic, fully customizable platform for generating insights from scientific experiments.

Omnisol develops a set of software tools for improving scientific and technological research in academia and in industry

Omnisol’s innovative data management platform combines ideas and algorithms from a wide range of areas, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web standards, Graph and Relational Databases, Analytics and Business Intelligence.


"With Israeli Omnisol biotech, we discovered a new generation of IT technologies, that will empower our projects and make our dreams become reality.


Also, we discovered an outstanding professional, talented and very efficient team. We are proud to partner with Ominsol and to create a new generation of IT infrastructure and platform that will be deployed in all 40 members of the WIN Consortium in 16 countries across the globe.״

Vladimir Lazar, PhD. Chief Scientific and Operating Officer, Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN Consortium) 

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