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Intelligent Profiles

Researcher profiles play an important role in research discovery and cross-disciplinary collaboration by showcasing expertise, skills, research activities and professional achievements for individuals and campus groups. However, researcher profiles are often hard to maintain, lacking relevant information and poorly designed.

Intelligent Profiles is a game-changing solution that automatically updates the researcher profiles with a wealth of relevant information including scientific articles, patents, conferences, awards and mentions in the media, ensuring profiles are always up-to-date, professionally designed and maintenance free.

What are researcher profiles good for?

  • Researchers - showcase expertise, skills and professional achievements, find potential collaborators and learn about the activity of colleagues.

  • Students - find mentors and collaborators.

  • Faculty administrators - quickly find cross-disciplinary expertise, easily repurpose information for consumers and improve faculty collaboration within or across departments.

  • University management - increase university prestige and help tracking research productivity.

  • Entrepreneurs and technology transfer organizations - easily identify main players in a field of research for potential collaboration.

  • The public and the media - find experts and learn about current research.

Problems with current

researcher profiles

While almost every university maintains researcher profiles on the web, these profiles are often characterized by:

  • Poor, non-uniform design

  • Non responsive web design

  • Missing data, especially recent

  • Tedious maintenance

  • Partial multi language support

  • Fails to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Omnisol’s solution:

Intelligent Profiles​

Omnisol’s Intelligent Profiles makes use of its continuous monitoring of the Scientific Network to keep researcher profiles up-to-date with the latest relevant information, including scientific articles, patents, conferences, awards and appearances in the media.

Omnisol’s Intelligent Profiles integrates with Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), most notably - VIVO.

How does it work?


Intelligent Profiles scans the web periodically, looking for new research-related information for each researcher


The researcher receives an email listing new academic networks for his approval


The researcher receives an email listing new academic publications for his approval


The researcher profile web page is instantly updated (click here for an example)


The researcher can explore and share his professional achievements

Key Benefits

Automatic updates from multiple sources
Professional and uniform design
Multi language support, including Hebrew & Arabic
Integration with Current Research Information Systems (CRIS)
Powerful API facilitating data reuse by other systems
Scientific Discovery

״The Omnisol platform provides us with the flexibility needed to manage our highly complex data model.


Collaboration with the Omnisol team has been a great experience both professionally and personally.״

Saul Simon, Chief Product Officer, Signals Analytics

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