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Clinical Trial Management System

Omnisol's ontology-centered data management platform is exquisitely suited for handling clinical trial data. Engineering an ontology that precisely captures trial specific concepts and relations, even very complex ones, is fast and easy. With the trial’s ontology in-place, the platform automatically provides means to enter data (eCRF), perform powerful searches, generate reports and infographics and much more.


Omnisol’s clinical data management solutions follow ICH and FDA guidelines to ensure the safety, security, validation and integrity of clinical data. A powerful audit-trail module allows the data manager and auditor to track the complete change history of each field in each form of the eCRF.   


Omnisol's Platform provides a REST-API for flexible querying of the data stored within it. Using the REST-API, external decision support tools can extract patient information as well as molecular data information. The REST-API can also be used for inserting data into the system, so the external decision support tools can store their recommendations and link them to the relevant entities.


One of the unique features of the platform is its great flexibility; you could make changes to the ontology even after you have data in the system and the existing data will be transformed to fit the new ontology. This is extremely useful for the eCRF planning phase, where by the team can prototype and experiment with the fully functional system right from the start.


Omnisol’s expertise in data-mining and knowledge-extraction comes into play when clinical data needs to conform to standard dictionaries and taxonomies (ICD-10, MedDRA, WHO-DDE, etc.) in order to ensure data consistency and standardization in the eCRF.

Omnisol works closely with the trial’s data manager to build a specifically tailored, state-of-the-art solution at unprecedented speed and at an affordable cost. Omnisol’s team is continuously available throughout the trial for special requests, training and technical support.

Clinical Trial Management System Flow

Key Benefits

Organization & Automation
  • Organize diverse research data, including measurements of any kind, sample preparation, setup, etc.

  • Save time and prevent errors by automatic data acquisition & analysis

  • Adapt easily to experiment changes


Organization & Automation
Data Safety
Data Safety
  • Keep your data safe from loss

  • Access your data safely from any computer

  • Protect your intellectual property by documenting all changes of your data


Teamwork & Manageability
  • Share experiment data with other team members and collaborators

  • Provide managers with a high-level view of lab activities

  • Ensure research continuity

  • Save time preparing your research presentation


Teamwork & Manageability
Scientific Discovery
Scientific Discovery
  • Handle experiments with many independent variables

  • Fit your raw data to theoretical models

  • Keep track of all versions of your analysis algorithms

  • Compare measurements and check hypotheses


Key Features

Automatic Data Acquisition

Real-time Data Validation

Data Fusion

Conflict Resolution

Import / Export Capabilities


User Permissions


Audit Trail

Automatic Backups


Data Sharing

Data Visualization


Customized Reports

Integration with MATLAB, Octave, Python


"With Israeli Omnisol biotech, we discovered a new generation of IT technologies, that will empower our projects and make our dreams become reality.


Also, we discovered an outstanding professional, talented and very efficient team. We are proud to partner with Ominsol and to create a new generation of IT infrastructure and platform that will be deployed in all 40 members of the WIN Consortium in 16 countries across the globe.״

Vladimir Lazar, PhD. Chief Scientific and Operating Officer, Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN Consortium) 

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